Shakespeare Neighbourhood Residents Association

Shakespeare Neighbourhood Residents Association was founded early 2006 by Shakespeare neighbours Keith Magnum and Annie Wilson, in response to local concerns about street trees and the well-being of nearby Butterfield Green.

Since then, we have been very active, and have been working hard with Paul Foinette from Hackney Parks, Julie Brown from Growing Communities, Clissold Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team, Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground Association and St Mungo’s (Church Walk), amongst others.  Click here to view our Constitution (revised 2009).

Our vision:

  • We want a varied urban landscape, including residential and business use ;
  • We want a green landscape with open spaces, including private as well as public ;
  • We want architecture that is high-quality and that enhances the character of the area ;
  • We want a mix of residential properties, including owner-occupied family-sized houses, owner-occupied flats, privately rented flats and a variety of social housing properties ;
  • We support the creation of affordable housing ;
  • We want clean, safe and attractive streets.

Our mission:

  • We will work to ensure that Allen Road and other areas retain their shops and workshops ;
  • We will oppose planning applications to build on areas of private garden space. We will continue to support Butterfield Green in a variety of ways ;
  • We may well support planning applications for loft conversions, mansard roof extensions, single-storey extensions on ‘side returns’ (the side space at the rear of many houses) providing they are of good design and respect the character and proportion of the area ;
  • We expect residential developments to include a social housing element. We will resist any attempts by the council to sell council-owned properties ;
  • We will generally support new housing for low-income residents, but not high-volume or high-price housing ;
  • We would expect all new planning proposals to include appropriate facilities for rubbish and recycling bins. We will support initiatives to create safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists through road calming measures. We will object to applications for off-road parking. We prefer simpler ‘streetscapes’ without excessive numbers of signs, fences etc.